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The main objectives to be achieved by the Corporation are: 

1.  To promote and finance projects aimed at integrated system improvement, power generation, promotion of decentralized and non-conventional energy sources, energy conservation, renovation and maintenance, power distribution with focus on pumpset energisation, implementation of Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana, a Government of India scheme for rural electricity infrastructure and household electrification. 

2.  To expand and diversify into other related areas and activities like financing of decentralized power generation projects, use of new and renewable energy sources, consultancy services, transmission, sub-transmission and distribution systems, renovation, modernization & maintenance etc. for optimization of reliability of power supply to rural and urban areas including remote, hill, desert, tribal, riverine and other difficult/remote areas. 

3.  To mobilize funds from various sources including raising of funds from domestic and international agencies and sanction loans to the State Electricity Boards, Power Utilities, State Governments, Rural Electric Cooperatives, NonGovernment Organizations (NGOs) and private power developers. 

4.  To optimize the rate of economic and financial returns for its operations while fulfilling the corporate goals viz. (i) laying of power infrastructure; (ii) power load development; (iii) rapid socio-economic development of rural and urban areas, and  (iv) technology up-gradation. 

5.  To ensure client satisfaction and safeguard customers’ interests through mutual trust and self respect within the organization as well as with business partners by effecting continuous improvement in operations and providing the requisite services. 

6.  To assist State Electricity Boards/Power Utilities/State Governments, Rural Electric Cooperatives and other loanees by providing technical guidance, consultancy services and training facilities for formulation of economically and financially viable schemes and for accelerating the growth of rural and urban India.  

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