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Rural Development

The World is witnessing rapid economic, social and technological transformation. To enable rural areas to participate in this transformation rather than be marginalised by it, adequate measures need to be taken to create infrastructure for inclusive development. Rural infrastructure is vital to economic growth and poverty alleviation in the villages. REC, not only contributes to rural development through its unceasing endeavours to electrify every household, but also by creating learning and livelihood opportunities in the villages. 

  • Farmer-centric integrated watershed management programmes have been run to benefit the farmers living in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh by soil & water conservation, productivity enhancement, livestock development, construction of wastewater treatment unit, construction of check dams and creation of “Model Sites of Learning”.
  • A culvert linking two villages in Uttar Pradesh has been constructed with the objective of mitigating hardships for the local community, improving socio-economic conditions of the area and quality of life of its residents. This shall have a long term impact on the rural population of the two villages as well as the neighbouring villages.
  • Construction of asphalt road and development of Eco Park have been taken up in a village in Karnataka.
  • Integrated village development projects have been executed for three underdeveloped villages, one each in Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. It helped in improving the quality of lives for people living in respective villages covering the thrust areas of community mobilization, education intervention, vocational training, women empowerment, healthcare and sanitation.

Impact of the Projects

  • Improvement in livelihood opportunities in equitable and sustainable manner for the people in rural areas.
  • Positive impact on both rural economy and environment, through better access to assets (natural, physical, human, technological and social capital) and services.
  • Greater control over productive capital.
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