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REC Organises a Webinar on Tackling Fake News
Dated Aug 19 2020

With the rise of digital technology and use of social media platforms along with the increasing anxiety around the Covid-19, there has been a sudden rise in manipulative fake news and misinformation being spread. While some of this false information may have been innocuous, it captures the larger menace we face today.


Keeping in view its damaging effects, REC Limited organized an online webinar on ‘Tackling Fake News’ on 19th August 2020 to apprise the employees of its organisation. The speaker for the session was Dr. Benson Rajan, Assistant Professor, Jindal School of Journalism and Communication. During the informative session, the speaker explained how the universe of fake news works, its different types, concepts of proportionality & sensationalism and ways to fact-check news.

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